Meeting with the Minister of Economy in Ruku Samay.

We would like to share with you the news from the recent visit of the Minister of Economy and Export with his cabinet. They came to acquaint themselves with the products of the Shayary Wayusa association, which is a project of Životem Postaru in Ecuador. This project brings together small local producers who sell products of „organic“ quality and thus contributes to a circular economy. Just like in other countries, in Ecuador, the certification process for these products is so costly that it is unrealistic for them to obtain it. So, their products are labeled as „chakra“, but in terms of quality, it is the same as „organic“ labeling. The Shayara Wayusa association and Život Postaru are interconnected and closely collaborate. The aim of the meeting was to improve the living conditions of the producers‘ families and to introduce strategies that will support the local economy and sustainable development. The Minister was surprised by the number of presented products because no other producer in the Napo province has as many. And he promised assistance in simplifying the business process, certification, and other necessary legalization. He was surprised by the many obstacles small local producers must face, as well as the difficulty of exporting products to Europe.

Logging Map Around Agustin’s Community

We have prepared a map of the area around the Agustin community, indicating territories according to the current logging status. It’s worth noting that the proportional size of areas on the map serves only as an approximate guide, as obtaining precise data from the cadastre in Ecuador is complicated

Latest News from Sachawa School

Despite the ongoing environmental destruction by mining companies in our community’s vicinity, Sachawa School and Kindergarten continue to operate. Here, we inspire children to recognize the value of the rainforest for us all and for our planet as a whole.

Interview about the current situation in our community

We bring you an interview with our wonderful Mariánka Vahalová, who shares her personal experiences and adventures from the Ecuadorian jungle, where she has been regularly visiting for 9 years. Her captivating storytelling will take you directly into the jungle communities and provide insight into the current challenges they have been facing in recent years.

2 Hectares of Rainforest by the Waterfall Saved!

Your amazing support has allowed us to preserve an additional two hectares of the rainforest right next to the waterfall, effectively enlarging the protected zone. These two hectares hold special significance as they adjoin the Huambuno River waterfall, an area of both strategic and spiritual importance. We deeply appreciate your heartfelt support! 👏🏼🌳

Urgent situation in Ruku Samay

In recent days, significant events have been occurring in the rainforest near the Agustín community, which are decisive for the future of the forest and its inhabitants. The expansion of mining operations has seen a substantial increase across the entire region, with local government institutions essentially providing no support to the communities.

The tradition of honoring the memory of the deceased at Sachawa School

The beginning of November brought extraordinary days to Sachawa School, where students immersed themselves in a unique learning experience about the tradition associated with honoring the memory of the deceased. Similar to our customs, in the Amazon, this period is dedicated to remembering the departed, but this holiday has taken on its distinctive form, enveloped in the atmosphere of the rainforest.

23 Hectares of Succesfully Protected Rainforest: Cooperation with the Ecuadorian Government

We would like to share excellent news with you regarding the recently endangered 23 hectares of the rainforest that we have successfully protected, thanks to your support. We have managed to establish cooperation with the Ecuadorian government and joined a program for the restoration of this unique ecosystem. This partnership allows us to plant indigenous, endangered species of plants and trees, restoring the original biodiversity of the rainforest.

The Threat of Mining: Protecting the Rainforest and Flourishing of the Jungle School

The miners are pushing with dogged determination to start mining operations, while exerting continuous pressure on the families holding the last plots of land in the waterfall area. Our vision, however, is to protect the area so that we can dedicate it to future generations while building a legalized Sachawa Forest School. This oasis of education will open not only to local children, but also to young explorers from around the world who will be able to explore the beauty of the rainforest and discover the mystery and immeasurable value of this natural treasure.

Report from the charity performance „4 Buchty“ in Husovka café

This unforgettable charity performance „4 Buns“ was organized on the initiative of our supporter and friend, Marcela Šiková, to support the rainforest and the Sachawa rainforest school. The evening brought a lot of laughter and joy, but we also discussed serious topics related to the current critical situation in the rainforest.

The entire evening was dedicated to charity and we were accompanied by a fantastic atmosphere. Traditionally, we served our guests with Amazonian healing tea, Wayusa. Thanks to the cozy environment of the Husovka café, which provided us with space for this event, we were able to create a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere where everyone felt at home.

Our Journey at the Biohacker Summit Festival in Amsterdam

Our journey of supporting indigenous wisdom and protecting our rainforest led us to Amsterdam. We received an invitation to participate in the Biohacker Summit Festival, which took place on October 14th and 15th, 2023. The founder of our organization, Agustin Allpa Grefa, along with his wife Michaela, had an inspiring talk on the importance of communication in our lives. Visitors had the opportunity to see how our relationships affect our body and mind.

Purchase of endangered 23-hectare area: Successful legalization behind us

We bring you great news about the process of purchasing 23 hectares of endangered land. Thanks to the tremendous wave of support we received from you, we have successfully completed the land legalization, and we can now joyfully announce that this land has officially been entrusted to the safe hands of the Život Postaru organization. 

The process of legalization was incredibly challenging and demanding from all sides. Many obstacles stood in our way, both from the authorities and mining companies. Agustin and his family had to work tirelessly day and night to overcome all the challenges this journey brought. However, the result is more than a reward for all our efforts. 

The Rainforest School and Kindergarten Sachawa: How We Initiated the 2023 School Year

We bring you news from the Rainforest School and Kindergarten Sachawa, where we have ceremoniously inaugurated the new school year.

Invitation to Amsterdam, October 13-15, 2023

We would like to invite you to Amsterdam, where Agustin will host an interactive lecture on the topic of relationship healing and rainforest wisdom on October 13th.

Following that, on October 14th and 15th, we will be hosting at the Biohacker Summit festival. For more information about the festival, please visit

The Journey of the Rainforest at the Colours of Ostrava Festival

This year, we had the honor of participating in the Colours of Ostrava festival, which we enjoyed immensely. Our main objective in participating in this festival was to support the Sachawa indigenous school and kindergarten, which we established for the children in the rainforest to preserve their rich tradition and pass down indigenous wisdom to future generations. In the future, Sachawa also aims to connect indigenous people with residents of the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and other countries, so that we can mutually exchange our wisdom and skills.

Land Protected from Mining: First Steps

We bring you the latest updates on the process of acquiring the endangered land, which, thanks to your incredibly generous support, we have successfully obtained. Once again, we want to express our heartfelt gratitude to you.

23 Hectares of Rainforest Successfully Rescued

With great enthusiasm and gratitude, we bring you joyful news today! Our fundraising campaign focused on the rescue of 23 hectares of rainforest has successfully achieved its goal. Thanks to your immense generosity and support, we have the opportunity to implement projects that will significantly contribute to the protection and preservation of this invaluable natural heritage.

Critical territory in danger: We urgently need your help to protect the river and the rainforest!

We have recently received sad news from our community in Ecuador. Our neighbor, who shares the lower part of our land, has succumbed to pressure and manipulation from mining companies and sold his property to them. The situation has become extremely serious for us as mining activities are taking place right next to our territory.

Support Our Effort to Save 23 Hectares of Pristine Land

We invite everyone who feels a deep connection with Nature to stand with us in our effort to raise funds for the acquisition of 23 hectares of land. The urgency of this appeal stems from the looming threat of illegal mining, which could lead to the irreversible devastation of this area. We have a tight timeframe of six weeks to gather $50,000 USD. If we fall short, the miners will begin their destructive work.

Divine Festival 23. – 25. 6. 2023

Every year, we joyfully become a part of the Divine Festival. The path of this festival guides us towards openness and attunement to themes that transcend our everyday reality—themes of sustainability, connection with nature, vitality, rejuvenation, and symbiosis with the world around us.

2020-2023 Rio Blanco Community

The current situation in Rio Blanco is not favorable. Miners have exploited the community before us – Galeras – where we have our first plot of land for our traditional way of life. As a result, everything around our plot has been mined, except our land. However, there’s hope that seeds on the land will sprout and the jungle will regrow.

Purchasing land near the waterfalls in the rainforest.

Petr Marek purchased a plot of land measuring 40.45 hectares near the waterfalls, which he subsequently handed over to the long-term management of the organization Život po staru. The goal is to transform this plot into a state nature reserve.

Fight for land of Rio blanco continues

For more than 8 years, Rio Blanco is fighting to get their land back. The illegal invadors have built houses and deforested almost 100 hectars of primary forest, precious herritage that belongs to the Rio blanco community. All that is missing is a judge’s stamp on an official order so that police and army can help remove the invadors. But it has been on his table for 3 years now.
Rio Blanco community has been fighting for almost a decade to get the invaders from their land, a precious 935 hectars of untouched primary rain forest deep in the jungle in province Loreto, in Ecuadorian Amazonia.

T-shirts for Sachawa Forest School in Ecuador

Get an original author’s t-shirt and support the school of natural knowledge within the Czech-Ecuadorian rainforest reserve Life the old-fashioned way.ia.
Proceeds from this project will be donated to the non-profit organization Život postaru for the development of the Sachawa Forest School and Nursery in the jungle of the Ecuadorian Amazon.

Mining threats the land towards Casdada de Anaconda

After new round of negotiations with the families who own the land on the East river bank from Ruku Samay towards the Anaconda Falls, Agustin found the following. There are currently 4 families (in red on the map) that rush to sell their land. The main demand comes from gold mining companies, who have been trying to invade this territory around Ruku Samay Ecolodge (in orange/green) and Rio Blanco community (in blue) for several years.The logging companies are very rich, and offer inflated prices, which is the reason for increases in the purchase price of this land, climbing up to almost $13K for one hectar. 

News from the Jungle


Sachawa Forest School Presentation


‚Život postaru‘


Why helping Amazon Forest?

Amazon rainforests are one of the biggest treasures on our Planet. They are the lungs of Earth and a home to more than ¼ of all vegetal and animal species. The amazon jungle is also among few last places on Earth where people live in close connection with nature.

Zivot Postaru is a non-profit organization that strives to protect and conserve the Amazon jungle and helps its inhabitants to maintain their homes, culture and the way of living which is in accordance with and respect for the nature. Part of Amazon rainforest around the river Napo basin is being devastated by the mining and logging activities of large corporations, and also by longing for inconveniences of modern civilization that is conquering indigenous people more and more.

Zivot postaru makes efforts to help locals to find balance and sustainability in this uneasy situation. More about the project..

Thank you
to everyone who supports us!
It would not be possible without you.

Protected landscape area, protection of trees and planting new as well as Forest Schools are all activities of Zivot postaru funded 100% from donations of people who believe in same values. It would not be possible without you. Ashka Pagrachu (Thanks in Kichwa)

February 14 to 17, 2020, Zivot Postaru Foundation held a first Gathering of Elders from various indigenous tribes from the all over Ecuador – Kichwa of Alto & Bajo Napo, Waoranis of Yasuni national park in Amazonian jungle, Quechua from Sierras, and Aztec from Mexico.
The gathering was supported by volunteers and foreigners mainly from the Czech Republic, but also Germany, Australia, Canada, Colombia and Mexico.This congregation had a main objective of retaking Ancestral teaching for the educational support of the community and indigenous families.
The ELDER’s GATHERING 2020 was a first step and the main building stone where we connected visions and ideas of the indigenous people in order to start a project that is sustainable and viable for all of us to participate at.
Come have a look into how those magical 4 days were spent 🙂


The Forest school and kindergarten
” The Elders’ Gathering”
(February 2020)

The school and kindergarten in the middle of the forest – a unique idea invented by unique
people. People who are not interested in a personal gain, but in showing and establishing a
new path… pathway in harmony with nature…

full article HERE …

Complete photo album of BTS and preparations on our Facebook here.

MORE ABOUT: The Forest school and kindergarten


February 14 to 17, 2020, Zivot Postaru Foundation held a first Meeting of Grandparents of different native tribes from the all over Ecuador – Amazonia, Sierra, Kichwas, Waoranis, Quitus, Caras. The gathering was supported by volunteers and foreigners mainly from the Czech Republic, but also Germany, Australia, Canada, Colombia and Mexico.This congregation had a main objective of retaking Ancestral teaching for the educational support of the community and indigenous families.Our main goals is to build a sustainable alternative education center for children ….


Abuelo Ceibo

– 1st Tree Adoption of Rainforest Adoption 
In May 2020 our endeavors to “adopt” this beautiful Ceibo were successfull. The negotiations started in February, When we filmed this video. Thanks to Agustin’s multiple visits to Ricardo Alvarado Tapuy’s home, we bought the wise tree he was trying to sell due to lack of money for his kid’s schools supplies, travel and uniforms.


Are you looking for an original gift for Christmas or Birthday?
Adopt a medicinal tree in the Amazon jungle in Ecuador and help our fundraiser for purchase of 16Ha of the rainforest so that we can protect these trees and plant new ones. For your donation you will receive an Amazon Rainforest Guardian certificate that you can gift to you beloved underneath the Christmas tree.
You donate, we protect them!

Friends of the amazon jungle

Jaroslav Dušek

Film and theatre actor

Among others, our project is supported by Jaroslav Dusek, for which we are immensely grateful. Take a look at the interview with Dusek and Agustin Grefa, Ecuadorian shaman about the foundation of the protected landscapes in the Ecuadorian rainforest.