Latest News from Sachawa School

Despite the ongoing environmental destruction by mining companies in our community’s vicinity, Sachawa School and Kindergarten continue to operate. Here, we inspire children to recognize the value of the rainforest for us all and for our planet as a whole.

On January 27th, we prepared 7 medicinal plants for muscle, bone, artery, and tendon pain relief, and applied this remedy to our German friend Nina. This practical lesson taught us how to properly treat someone with these specific issues. For lunch, the children prepared their own food, following traditional recipes passed down from our ancestors with a long history.

On March 2nd, 2024, the children learned how to prepare the specially sacred fruit called Ancestral Wituk. Wituk is used for painting hair, faces, and bodies. Each painted symbol carries a specific meaning, collectively representing the life processes one undergoes. Through this, children learn the importance of symbols used by their ancestors during various significant life events.