2 Hectares of Rainforest by the Waterfall Saved!

Your amazing support has allowed us to preserve an additional two hectares of the rainforest right next to the waterfall, effectively enlarging the protected zone. These two hectares hold special significance as they adjoin the Huambuno River waterfall, an area of both strategic and spiritual importance. We deeply appreciate your heartfelt support! 👏🏼🌳

In the video, you can see footage from the two hectares of land we have collectively protected for all of us and for future generations.

By contributing to the preservation of the rainforest, you’re helping save endangered animal species as well. Here’s a wonderful proof: Jaguar tracks were found just a few days ago on a recently acquired piece of land in the jungle, which our organization, thanks to your help, protected from loggers. Due to deforestation by logging companies, jaguars are losing their natural habitat. That’s why we’re incredibly happy that this endangered species of our planet has found refuge precisely in the protected area we’ve saved.