River bank towards Waterfalls

In 2016, we found out that families, who own the land around the river Huambuno from Ruku Samay (Grefa Family settlement) towards the Anaconda Waterfalls wanted to accept the offer from the miners and sell their land to them. The river contains gold. Agustin started talking with them about the threats and impacts of the mining and the sale was postponed.
In 2018, after the initial Agustin’s talks with the families about the purchase of their land, they change their mind. They decided to sell to the mining company instead. They were seduced by the promise that their land will be returned to them after a couple of years, when the mining is over. They did not understand the devastating impacts of the mining. It is not only the deforestation of the rainforest, but also the metals and chemicals used to distract the gold that poisson the water and soil for years. So they were waiting which of the companies offers the highest price.
In the second half of 2019 we managed to reopen the negotiations about selling to us instead the miners. The area we are currently looking at counts about 20 Ha total. Check the photo below depicting the area*. Our goal is to purchase about 2km long & 100m wide strip along the east bank of the river Huambuno – from Ruku Samay towards Anaconda Waterfalls, and create a protected water strip as an extra step of the protection against the miners & invaders. This land lies up the stream from the community Rio Blanco and other 6 communities bellow whose lives are closely tied with the river waters. Therefore, all of them would be affected if this area gets entered to by the miners. If we manage to protect this belt of land, we will ensure live and healthy water which mean life and health for all the communities whose lives depend on the river.
The price of the land increases every year, and last quote we got was $10,000.00 USD. As of now, March 2020, we are talking to the families about the final price for their land. As soon as we get their verbal agreement, we will do all we can to proceed with the purchase and legalization of the area. The final price is too high for us, Zivot postaru, so we are looking for donors and sponsors for this project. All donations to Zivot postaru are tax deductable (up to 15 % of income basis in Czech rep) in whole EU, Norway and Iceland. Zivot postaru will be happy to issue the donation letter for you.
If you are interested in purchasing the land or donating financially, please contact us and be part of the rescue efforts.