Report from the charity performance „4 Buchty“ in Husovka café

This unforgettable charity performance „4 Buchty“ was organized on the initiative of our supporter and friend, Marcela Šiková, to support the rainforest and the Sachawa rainforest school. The evening brought a lot of laughter and joy, but we also discussed serious topics related to the current critical situation in the rainforest.

The entire evening was dedicated to charity and we were accompanied by a fantastic atmosphere. Traditionally, we served our guests with Amazonian healing tea, Wayusa. Thanks to the cozy environment of the Husovka café, which provided us with space for this event, we were able to create a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere where everyone felt at home.

The organizers even prepared a raffle with original gifts and products from themselves for us. This allowed us to raise a significant amount to support the rainforest.

Actresses Marcela Šiková and Zuzana Froňková Macáková shared their travel experiences with us, which were very inspiring and enjoyable to listen to. Marcelka introduced us to her personal experiences in Ecuador through captivating stories that were not only interesting but also very humorous. Thanks to her storytelling talent, we briefly found ourselves in the heart of the Amazon rainforest.

Music was also an important part of the evening. Musician Monika Sonk beautifully sang and played the guitar for us, and then a flutist and drummer from the audience spontaneously joined in, becoming a part of the whole performance. We not only listened but also sang and danced to their exceptional music. The songs were full of joy and humor, contributing to the pleasant mood of the entire evening.

During this four-hour event, we managed to raise 10,000 CZK, and the entire amount will be directed to support the rainforest and the Sachawa rainforest school.

We would like to thank everyone who contributed to the organization of this wonderful event and all those who participated in the charity performance, thereby supporting us. This evening was great not only for us but also for nature and rainforest conservation. Together, we have shown that even small gestures can have a positive impact on our world.