Critical territory in danger: We urgently need your help to protect the river and the rainforest!

We have recently received sad news from our community in Ecuador. Our neighbor, who shares the lower part of our land, has succumbed to pressure and manipulation from mining companies and sold his property to them. The situation has become extremely serious for us as mining activities are taking place right next to our territory.

We are now striving to save another precious piece of land that borders our property from the upper side, and it holds strategic importance. In this area, our neighbor has expressed interest in selling the land to mining companies, as he urgently needs financial resources. At the same time, he has pledged that if we can raise the required amount within a month, he will leave the property to our family. The entire area is valued at $50,000 USD. So far, we have raised $16,000 USD, leaving us with a shortfall of $34,000 USD. We have until September 28, 2023, to raise the remaining amount.

He refused to consider installment payments, even though we offered to pay a portion of the value upfront and the rest gradually over the year. The fundraising for this land has been ongoing for a month and a half, although we initially had a one-month deadline. However, our neighbor has agreed to give us an extra month to ensure we have enough time to raise the required amount. If we fail to raise the full amount, the land will be sold to the mining companies.

The situation is extremely urgent, and we need maximum support.

Preventing the mining companies from acquiring this key territory is our highest priority. Mining would have serious impacts on the water quality in the river that flows through our land and would cause irreversible contamination. Therefore, we appeal to all supporters and sympathizers of Život Postaru for assistance and help in raising the necessary funds to purchase this land.

For those who would like to contribute, you can use the QR code to donate to our transparent account.

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We are very grateful for any form of support, regardless of its amount, and any donation means a lot to us.

Thank you very much.

Here you can see the the ongoing mining operation next to our property.