Support Our Effort to Save 23 Hectares of Pristine Land

We invite everyone who feels a deep connection with Nature to stand with us in our effort to raise funds for the acquisition of 23 hectares of land. The urgency of this appeal stems from the looming threat of illegal mining, which could lead to the irreversible devastation of this area. We have a tight timeframe of six weeks to gather $50,000 USD. So far we have collected 15,000 usd, so we still need to collect 35,000 usd. If we fall short, the miners will begin their destructive work.

This endangered land is located near the Rio Blanco Community. Here, miners use mercury to extract gold, putting the communities along the banks of the Huambuno river at significant risk. Every donation, no matter its size, will go directly toward preserving this precious piece of earth.

Please help us shield this land from the grasp of gold exploiters.

You can help us to protect the land by contributing directly How to Help ,or on

Ashka Pakrachu

Thank you immensely.