The Rainforest School and Kindergarten Sachawa: How We Initiated the 2023 School Year

Welcome to the latest updates from the Rainforest School and Kindergarten Sachawa, where we celebrated the ceremonial launch of the new school year.

The beginning of the school year

Children and teachers of Sachawa initiated the school year with a special ritual - ceremonial application of an infusion made from tobacco leaves to their eyes. This traditional Kichwa practice serves to ground, calm the mind, and enhance overall concentration. Tobacco is considered a sacred plant, used for special occasions, and for purifying the body, spirit, and mind.

Planting Ginger

Children have traditionally learned about medicinal plants, their effects, and how ton take care of specific plant species from planting to harvesting. They put their newfound knowledge into practice by planting rainforest ginger, which boasts several times the potency of the ginger commonly found in supermarkets. This remarkable plant plays an indispensable role in addressing various health concerns and promoting overall body rejuvenation.

Teaching About Medicinal Plants

Sisa, one of Agustin's sisters, is a dedicated educator at Sachawa School, where she imparts essential knowledge about the medicinal treasures of the rainforest. These invaluable plants play a pivotal role in treating a wide array of conditions, including fevers, flu, rheumatism, various injuries, and even snake bites. Sisa instills in the children the importance of approaching these plants with respect and seeking permission before harvesting. In their most recent lesson, the children were introduced to the remarkable properties of rainforest nettle, lemon, mururé, kojojó, de tortuga, and cacao.


Sisa vysvětluje, jak se prostredníctvím téhle léčivé rostliny ošetřuje vykloubení.
Sisa explains how dislocations are treated through the use of medicinal plants.
Děti s nadšením sdílí své znalosti o léčebném využití citrónu.
The children enthusiastically share their knowledge about the medicinal use of lemon.
Děti s úžasem poslouchají o tom, jak se dá přírodní cestou ošetřit kousnutí hadem.
The children listen with amazement to how snake bites can be treated naturally.
Sisa shows the children plants used for medicinal baths that strengthen both the body and the spirit.
Sisa dětem vysvětluje, jak se přírodní cestou posílit a regenerovat celý organismus.
Sisa explains to the children how to naturally strengthen and regenerate the entire organism.


Exploring the Preparation of Medicinal Energizing Drink: Chicha de Chonta

We also delved into the preparation of chicha de chonta (Bactris gasipaes), an indigenous fermented palm fruit beverage cherished by native communities during their celebratory gatherings. This revitalizing elixir is a powerhouse of energy, abundant in calories, vital minerals, vitamins, wholesome fats, and essential amino acids. Rooted in time-honored tradition, not a single fragment, including the peels, can touch the ground during its preparation, as any such contact could compromise the drink. This practice also imparts to our children the valuable skill of concentration.


Progress of the Rainforest School Sachawa

The Rainforest School and Kindergarten Sachawa is progressively broadening its academic horizons, where children not only delve into specialized knowledge but also partake in conventional school disciplines, encompassing biology, mathematics, English, art, and physical education.