2 Hectares of Rainforest by the Waterfall Saved!

Your amazing support has allowed us to preserve an additional two hectares of the rainforest right next to the waterfall, effectively enlarging the protected zone. These two hectares hold special significance as they adjoin the Huambuno River waterfall, an area of both Read More

23 Hectares of Succesfully Protected Rainforest: Cooperation with the Ecuadorian Government

We would like to share excellent news with you regarding the recently threatened 23 hectares of rainforest that we have successfully protected, thanks to your support. We have established a collaboration with the Ecuadorian government and joined a program for the restoration Read More

Purchase of endangered 23-hectare area: Successful legalization behind us

We are thrilled to share some wonderful news about the acquisition of 23 hectares of land that was under threat from gold mining destruction. Thanks to the tremendous wave of support we received from you, we have successfully completed the land legalization, Read More

Critical territory in danger: We urgently need your help to protect the river and the rainforest!

We have recently received sad news from our community in Ecuador. Our neighbor, who shares the lower part of our land, has succumbed to pressure and manipulation from mining companies and sold his property to them. The situation has become extremely serious Read More