Currently, financial support is the most important for the project. We need finances to buy land along the river from Ruku Samay towards the Anaconda waterfalls. If we do not buy it, it will be bought by the mining companies for the gold that the river contains and this beautiful piece of land will be destroyed.

Indigenous people are entirely dependent on a healthy river but the pollution that goes to rivers from mining is causing sickness among both people and animals. More about project here

Contributions can be sent to a transparent account:

Account number: 34800348 / 5500

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Or newly to an account with Fio Bank

This account was established because of its lower transaction fees for donations from Slovenia and other countries.

Account number: 34800348 / 2010

IBAN: CZ9420100000000034800348


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The family of Yachak (healer) Agustin Humberto Grefa supports indigenous families with sales of health-benefiting Wayusa tee, which they export to Czech republic, Germany and Austria.  You can help our cause by purchase of Wayusa online or from point of sale Cafés (Amazonia Cafe in Prague).

Volunteer in Rain Forest

The trip is meant mainly for the those who want to help local community and add give their hand.
Come meet the Grefa family, community Rio Blanco and learn about life in the jungle as it used to be and as is nowadays.


You can help with one click! It works similar to Facebook “Like” button with the difference that for each click you give us we receive a small financial amount.

Tell your friends about the project!

Just spreading the word helps us! We need to get the project into public acknowledgement so please feel free to share! Thank you