Meeting with the Minister of Economy in Ruku Samay.

We would like to share with you the news from the recent visit of the Minister of Economy and Export with his cabinet. They came to acquaint themselves with the products of the Shayary Wayusa association, which is a project of Život Postaru in Ecuador. This project brings together small local producers who sell products of organic quality and thus contributes to a circular economy. Just like in other countries, in Ecuador, the certification process for these products is so costly that it is unrealistic for them to obtain it. So, their products are labeled as „chakra“, but in terms of quality, it is the same as „organic“ labeling. The Shayara Wayusa association and Život Postaru are interconnected and closely collaborate. The aim of the meeting was to improve the living conditions of the producers‘ families and to introduce strategies that will support the local economy and sustainable development. The Minister was surprised by the number of presented products because no other producer in the Napo province has as many. And he promised assistance in simplifying the business process, certification, and other necessary legalization. He was surprised by the many obstacles small local producers must face, as well as the difficulty of exporting products to Europe.

The Minister had the opportunity to meet Agustin’s father, Don Agustin. He was so intrigued by his knowledge of herbs and healing that he decided to visit him personally. So, they all, including six other people from the Minister’s cabinet, set off on a journey to the jungle to the lands managed by Život Postaru and decided to undergo healing with Don Agustin. The Minister was fascinated by the life of Agustin’s family and the whole community, their work with herbs, healing people, and their mission of protecting the jungle. He was also impressed by the sweat lodge medicine and would like to participate in it under Agustin’s guidance. During the journey and stay in the area of Život Postaru, the Minister had the opportunity to directly witness the destruction caused by mining companies in the jungle. Agustin also acquainted him with the passivity of the police and the military, despite all efforts to prove the illegality of mining and violations of laws. He would like to help in the jungle’s rescue, but his area of operation is different, so he at least promised us assistance and connection with the right people in the field of environmental protection. We believe that the established cooperation will continue successfully in the future.