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Seminar in your town?

We would like to ornanize evening talk, or seminar in your town! Put a group of minimum 10 ppl interested in the topic together and contact us.

Our mission is to create protected landscape area in Napo river basin in Ecuadorian Amazon jungle and to protect local indigenous communities. During meetings and event happening at different place around CZ, we would like to talk about these efforts, its benefits and challenges. Agustin Grefa, native indian Kichwa from the river Napo likes to share his stories about life in his community, traditions of his culture, shamanism, medicinal plans and such and he is looking into possibilities to connect the traditional wisdom with the nowadays world so that we manage to maintain the most important thing we have – clean living environment and wisdom of our ancestors.


Seminar at School

Our Volunteers who have participated in our stays in the jungle are happy to share their experiences with kids at schools. Meetings with projection of authentic photos and videos from the place we are trying to protect speaks to younsters and kids, too. Amazon rain forest is a place that many of them would like to visit one day. It is up to you if your kids will have the chance in the future…

Would you like to have a seminat at your school? Contact us!