Annualy, once or twice, we have to clean up the borders of our reservations in order to keep the tresspassers away. A group of indigenous men with machetes renews the borders within a few days.
During the year we have organized several working events to clean around the plants, to replant what has not survived and to finish the whole 1 ha large garden.
We had a Pilot program of Sachawa forest school where we had a 4 days camp in April with almost 40 kids to start the Ancestral schooling project and planted the botanical garden.
We have constructed a refuge house and a campsite as a basecamp for works at the garden, including bringing portable water from over 250m far away water source.
We have cleaned up 1 ha of forest to prepare for planting of the medicinal botanical garden.


The idea of establishing a „forest school and kindergarten“ is becoming more concrete.
A school in which children will learn how to care for what Mother Nature has entrusted to their care, how to preserve, enhance and reproduce the wisdom of their fathers and pass it on to future generations for the benefit of their community, tribe, country, the whole of humanity.  The effort to preserve the traditions, culture, indigenous language and traditional way of education in the rainforest for future generations is taking concrete form so that the first school year can begin in September 2021.
To fine-tune it and get the endorsement from the local communities, we organized an Elders‘ Meeting in February 2020. Watch the video of the Meeting and see what we had to prepare and complete, funded by a group of fundraisers who made the Meeting possible.


We have fundraised remainer of the money to pay up the Lagoon reservation and started the process of legalization of the land. 2nd reservation of Zivot postaru means 2nd precious rainforest land protected!


2018 – We obtained the legal documents for the land (41.2 Ha) on the Huambuno River. The entire process cost $7,000. It was much more expensive and challenging than we anticipated.
The Rio Blanco community won the court case for their land. The trespassers, however, refuse to leave the land, so a new eviction lawsuit begins.  So far we have helped/contributed $11,000 of the $25,100.
2018 – The mining companies have targeted the land in front of the Rio Blanco Community, putting more than 7 communities at risk. Zivot postaru is still bound by a $25,100 contract with the Rio Blanco Community.
The community of Rio Blanco has banned all mining companies from entering its territory.
We have a contract with the Rio Blanco Community: If we give them $25,100 in assistance, they will sign a contract to never sell their land for mining purposes in the future.
We have decided to help the Rio Blanco Community, which has entered into a lawsuit with another community that is claiming 55 hectares of its land.


We have organized a work stay with volunteers who helped planting plants on the first purchased land and helped to repair Wayusa dry house

WE launched project for export of Wayusa, traditional energizing “tea” of the locals and provided employment to several members of the community Rio Blanco

In 2014, we started the process of purchase of the land with the lagoon and paid 2/3 of the price

In July 2013 we have paid off the last payment from the $30,000 for the original area – land on Huambuno river


We organized first friendlship and educational meeting with representatives of surrounding indigenous communites

On Sept 21st, 2012 Ministry of Interior CZ approbated public non-profit organization “Zivot postaru”

We started a public, transparent bank account. If you also wish to financially support the project, take a look the options to send contributions.

November 17th, 2012 we put down first payment for the purchase of the protected area and received a notary-approved documentation.

We have filmed several interviews and documents about the project with shaman Agustin Grefa, his wife Misa and Tomas Mach, see here Foto/Video.

Organization Zivot Postaru was founded by Agustin Allpa Greda and Michaela Greafa in 2012.