After succesfull purchase of the land on Huambuno river, which was the initial idea behind this aorganization, we have decided to proceed with protection of another area. It is not as large in the area, but it is naturally very diverse and interesting. It is in a neighboring province Orellana and it is a very precious naturally, mainly created by a lagoon that is a home to many animal species.

Huge part of the area (8ha) is created by water of the lagoon. The rest on the area is flooded due to the heavy rains for the most part of the year, too. This whole area is thus very attractive for rare bird species, vast population of turtles and huge schools of piranas.

The family that owns the land is facing financial problems. Instead of selling the land to one of the mining companies, the family offered it to Zivot postaru / Ruku KAWSAY, which will secure the preservation of the land.

The price of the land is 12,000 USD.

The contributions you are sending right now to the transparent account of Ruku Kawsay will be used mainly to protect and conserve this place.