Mining threats the land towards Casdada de Anaconda

After new round of negotiations with the families who own the land on the East river bank from Ruku Samay towards the Anaconda Falls, Agustin found the following. There are currently 4 families (in red on the map) that rush to sell their land. The main demand comes from gold mining companies, who have been trying to invade this territory around Ruku Samay Ecolodge (in orange/green) and Rio Blanco community (in blue) for several years.The logging companies are very rich, and offer inflated prices, which is the reason for increases in the purchase price of this land, climbing up to almost $13K for one hectar. 


1.     Capus Family – for sale 23 hectars, price: 3,500.00 USD / ha

2.     Aguinda Sr. Family - for sale 5 hectars, price: 12,600 USD / ha

3.     Tapuy Family for sale 5 hectars, price: 12,600 USD / ha

4.     Aguinda Jr. family - for sale 40.54 hectars, price: 2,500 USD / ha


As you can see on the map there are few more pieces of land available, but not in urgent situation. Byron Grefa offers 5 ha next to land of Agustin’s family. That is a private land, same as all land on this side of the river.

The land on the other river bank is for now safe thanks to the contract of community Rio Blanco and Zivot postaru (read more Here) that they will not allow miners to enter. The red marks on the map showing 6 families selling 3ha each is a community land that can only be sold within community, to its members (i.e to Agustin).

With the increasing pressure from the mining companies and worsening situation due to long hard times due to restrictions here in Ecuador, the situation may change any day. We have received this information as valid as of Feb 2022, but our experience with indigenous owners is that they may change their time regarding who to sell, how much land and how much for. It is necessary confirm the info every time there is negotiation.


We are looking for people interested in buying this land with intent to protect the rainforest and the river from the harmfull contamination caused by mining. We are raising money to purchase this land, which will then be protected reservation and serve to the Sachawa Ancestral school, our current project in Ecuador. 


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