Donation for the purchase of the land

In order to protect the forest before devastation by the mining companies and other inappropriate interference, it is absolutely necessary to purchase the land first.

Currently, you can help us the most by sending a monetary donation.

The basic costs to start the planned activities are estimated to 1 million Czech Crowns. The most of it will be used for the land purchase.

The land on Huambuno river has already been purchased but we still need to pay off the remaining part of the loan.

As for the second lot (land with a lagoon)- we have paid the deposit already. The total price for the land is 42 000 USD, plus the bank transfers between Czech and Ecuadorian banks, notary fees, administration fees needed for the purchase in the protected natural areas.

You can read more about the consequent activities at the Goals of the project section.


Contributions can be sent to a transparent account:

Account number: 34800348 / 5500

Clink to show actual movement and statement on this account.

Or newly to an account with Fio Bank

This account was established because of its lower transaction fees for donations from Slovenia and other countries.

Account number: 34800348 / 2010

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In case of more questions, please contact Stepan Holub, coordinator of the project “ Zivot postaru on:

Telefon: (+420) 731 534 679

For those who contribute with a bigger amount we offer:

To come to spend time in the rain forest during one of our trips or retreats without for free – subject to an individual agreement depending on the size of donation.