What is a micropayment and what is it good for?

Micropayment is a term meaning financial transaction with small sums of money. The term is generally used for online payments. Everything works relatively simply. After registration, the person sends money to the account certain amount for the month (minimum of 2 EUR) and then clicks button Flattr to the on the websides that he/she likes. At the end of the month, Flattr counts the funds and sends them to the website owners that have been tagged by the users. For example, if your budget is 10 EUR a month, 9 EUR will be distributed to the websites (10% is a fee for Flattr). If the user clicked on 50 links, each website gains 18 cents. Of course, you can also set up that a certain preferred website gets a set amount (usually we have preferred authors /websites).


How to start using Flattr

The whole process goes like this:

  1. Register at www.flattr.com. All you need is login name, password and an email.
  2. Charge up your account using your credit card. You can start with as little as 2 EUR.
  3. Set up how much out of this amount you want to send to your preferred authors/websites. Minimum is 2 EUR, so to begin with, you can support your favourite authors/creators/artist with just a price of a cheap beer.
  4. Use the internet as you normally would to automatically flattr creators. Flattr takes care of the rest. Just click the “flattr” button that is installed on your browser during step 1.
  5. Every 30 days your subscription is shared between the creators you’ve enjoyed most
  6. If you want to support somebody more than other, Flattr allows you to send an exact amount to you chosen author.