Our Journey at the Biohacker Summit Festival in Amsterdam

Our journey of supporting indigenous wisdom and protecting rainforest led us to Amsterdam. We received an invitation to participate in the Biohacker Summit Festival, which took place on October 14th and 15th, 2023. The founder of organization Zivot Postaru, Agustin Allpa Grefa, along with his wife Michaela, had an inspiring talk on the importance of communication in our lives. Visitors had the opportunity to see how our relationships affect our body and mind.

Thanks to the support of our friends and rainforest preservation enthusiasts, we organized another presentation where Agustin addressed the popular topic of family and interpersonal relationships. He shared fascinating stories about how proper communication plays a crucial role and provided attendees with a deeper insight into their personal lives.

Both of these lectures received extraordinary success, for which we are grateful for the wisdom that Agustin and his family impart to us.

During these events, we met many interesting people who would like to support rainforest conservation and its invaluable wisdom. Such meetings not only give us hope in achieving our goals but also demonstrate that there is a growing number of supporters for the rainforest, communities, and indigenous traditions, which truly brings us a lot of joy.