Elder’s Meeting 2020

February 14 to 17, 2020, Zivot Postaru Foundation held a first Gathering of Elders from various indigenous tribes from the all over Ecuador – Kichwa of Alto & Bajo Napo, Waoranis of Yasuni national park in Amazonian jungle, Quechua from Sierras, and Aztec from Mexico.
The gathering was supported by volunteers and foreigners mainly from the Czech Republic, but also Germany, Australia, Canada, Colombia and Mexico.This congregation had a main objective of retaking Ancestral teaching for the educational support of the community and indigenous families.
The ELDER’s GATHERING 2020 was a first step and the main building stone where we connected visions and ideas of the indigenous people in order to start a project that is sustainable and viable for all of us to participate at.
Come have a look into how those magical 4 days were spent ?