„The Forest school and kindergarten“ founded at ” The Elders’ Gathering” (February 2020)

„The Forest school and kindergarten“
founded at ” The Elders’ Gathering” (February 2020)

The school and kindergarten in the middle of the forest – a unique idea invented by unique people. People who are not interested in a personal gain, but in showing and establishing a new path… pathway in harmony with nature…

The idea of founding „Forest School and Kindergarten“ is unique in its effort to preserve traditions, culture, an original language and traditional way of education in the rainforest for future generations. The school in which children will learn how to care of what Mother Nature has entrusted them, how to preserve, enhance and multiply the wisdom of their fathers and pass it on to future generations for the benefit of their community, tribe, country but also whole humanity.

This idea originated under the supervision of „Život Postaru“ and was approved and „consecrated“ by elders who measured long journey from the far reaches of Ecuador with this very intention. An idea that excited dozens of volunteers and fundraisers from many parts of the world in order to move this goal as far forward as possible. 

It’s been a few weeks since „Elders’ Gathering“, but as always, when one job ends the other begins. We can already see that much work will still have to be done and many sponsors will have to be found so that school which is not going to be funded by the state can work. The „Forest school and kindergarten“ will be in close proximity to a protected area of Ecuadorian rainforest in the Napo river basin. Its creation will save a considerable area of virgin forest from the influence of civilization and greedy mining companies. And this is exactly the one of the main goals of „Život Postaru“.

Building the school in the rainforest … and … building a protected area in the rainforest … A big bite? Or, „thrown down one’s gauntlet“ for everyone involved? It’s said that everyone can always and at all points put hands to work if they have enough taste and courage. What’s more, it’s no longer a secret that it is doable to provide an official support for activities of nonprofit organizations by 2% tax deduction without hurting anyone. 

How does it feel when one helps others? When one does something for others? When one donates something?

We all have an opportunity to try it. There is nothing stopping us from an experience with our own skin. 

And furthermore, it’s said that sometimes a person helps himself the most by helping others … exactly as they lived in the olden days…

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