The ELDER’s GATHERING 2020 is a first step and the main building stonewhere we connect our visions and ideas of the indigenous in order to found a project that is sustainable and viable for all of us to participate at.
During the last several years living in the jungle we have realized that the crucial condition for the sustenance of the Amazon rainforest is to have “runa” people living in it.
Runa means indigenous people who grow up there, respect the nature and live in accordance with natural cycles.
Currently, kids are forced to leave the jungle for the cities for the obligatory school attendance. They fall to desire living in the comfort and don’t want to come back to the forest. By that, not only the ancient  wisdom, knowledge of plants and natural healing is being lost, but most importantly the innate guardians of the Amazonia are, too.
It is necessary to react to the changing world. We would like to invite 25 Yachaks (Elders, healers) and open the space for communicating and sharing their wisdom, views on the acute crisis in education of current and future generations and protection of the Amazon rainforest.
Them and us, together, want to find the right form of a schooling system which will be accredited by the State but based on the ancestral customs of teaching and happening in their community, without the need to go to the cities.
The Gathering inquires a lot of resources that need to be prepared at the place
of event – Ruku Samay ecolodge. We need to build the beds and furniture to accommodate all Elders, travel them to Ruku Samay, provide and cook meals. We had
friends coming to volunteer and land their hand, as well as generous financial support from a group of “fundraisers“ for the purchases of the provisions, raw materials, covering the travel expenses for the Elders and such. More info coming soon – photos on our Facebook page