Abuelo Ceibo

– 1st Tree Adoption of Rainforest Adoption

In May 2020 our endeavors to “adopt” this beautiful Ceibo were successfull. The negotiations started in February, When we filmed this video. Thanks to Agustin’s multiple visits to Ricardo Alvarado Tapuy’s home, we bought the wise tree he was trying to sell due to lack of money for his kid’s schools supplies, travel and uniforms.
The local loggers had their eye on the tree before us, but when Ricardo heard about the new project of Zivot postaru, he decided to save the tree from cutting down and contacted us. Finally, couple months later, we are a proud “parent protector” too this 150yrs old Ceibo. Come and join us for the journey!
As the time goes, we are receiving more news about other trees yet to be adopted, so please contact our project manager Mariana Vahalova on FB or mvahalova@gmail.com for more information and and visit www.rainforestadoption.com to become a Rainforest Guardian, or gift it to your beloved.