We have organized a work stay with volunteers who helped planting plants on the first purchased land and helped to repair Wayusa dry house

WE launched project for export of Wayusa, traditional energizing “tea” of the locals and provided employment to several members of the community Rio Blanco

In 2014, we started the process of purchase of the land with the lagoon and paid 2/3 of the price

In July 2013 we have paid off the last payment from the $30,000 for the original area – land on Huambuno river

We organized first friendlship and educational meeting with representatives of surrounding indigenous communites

On Sept 21st, 2012 Ministry of Interior CZ approbated public non-profit organization “Zivot po staru”

We started a public, transparent bank account. If you also wish to financially support the project, take a look the options to send contributions.

November 17th, 2012 we put down first payment for the purchase of the protected area and received a notary-approved documentation.

We have filmed several interviews and documents about the project with shaman Agustin Grefa, his wife Misa and Tomas Mach, see here Foto/Video.